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Building Permit

Building Permits

Important: If building permits are not taken out prior to construction,
permit fees will be doubled up to $500.00

For a building permit, please print off the following 6 documents:

Guidelines for permit application

Building Permit Form

Performance Bond Policy 

Energy Efficiency Compliance Form

Sump Pit



Additional Documents:

– Deck Specifications

– Detached Garage Specifications 

– Basement Specifications


Zoning Requirements

– R1-Regulations

– R2-Regulations

– FUD-Regulations

– IND-Regulations

– C1-Regulations

– C2-Regulations

– CS-Regulations

Completed forms can be submitted to: Hague Town Office, Box 180, Hague, SK  S0K 1X0

Building Permits are required for:  new building construction; garage and carports; decks; mobile homes; renovations, alterations, relocations, demolitions and additions to existing buildings; basement development; change of use; swimming pools and hot tubs; temporary buildings and retaining walls.

Town of Hague Performance Bond Policy states that any construction started before a permit has been applied for and approved is subject to double the permit fee up to an additional $500. You are encouraged to contact the Town Office if you are considering any type of construction!

A refundable performance bond of $1,000.00 is required upon approval for a building permit application. This bond will be refunded after final inspections have been passed without deficiencies.