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Rosthern RCMP are reminding the public to remember to lock doors and windows in the summer months.  It’s typical to leave a window or door open while enjoying the summer weather but don’t forget to secure your home when you are away. If you go away vacation, have neighbors or family to check on your home and property periodically
Keep our community safe



A Message from the RCMP…

On March 7th, 2019 the Honourable Christine Tell, Minister of Corrections and Policing and A/Commr. Mark Fisher, Commanding Officer of the Saskatchewan RCMP, along with some of our community partners, announced the launch of  the ‘Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network’ in Southern Saskatchewan.  I am pleased to inform you that the system is now expanded to include all communities in the Province.

WHAT IS IT?   When a detachment becomes aware of an incident or crime, they can issue an advisory via the system, and anyone who has signed up for the program will become aware of what happened within minutes!  The system will send the advisory to your smartphone or landline, via text message, email, or text to voice (depending on your own preference).

HOW DO I SIGN UP?  Signing up to be part of the network is free and only takes a few minutes. You choose which RCMP detachment area(s) you want to receive notifications from (one or multiple), and how you want to receive them – whether it be via text message, email, a text to voice phone call or the app.  Note, an app is available, but it is not required.  Even residents who only have a landline can sign up and receive the advisories.  Visit to sign up!

WHO SHOULD SIGN UP?  We encourage anyone and EVERYONE to join the network – residents, corporations and organizations could all benefit from receiving these advisories. You do not need to be part of an existing crime prevention group to sign up.  EVERYONE can sign up for this system, including those people who are already part of a group.

The concept of the program is simple: sign up to receive advisories from your local RCMP and assist us by serving as the ‘eyes and ears’ of your community.

This network, along with existing crime prevention programs and strategies, helps to create an environment where all of us contribute to community safety. Crime prevention is the most effective when we all work together.

Again, we encourage anyone and everyone to sign up to be a part of the Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network at

RCMP Safety Tips:

Now that summer has arrived it is important to remember some very important Bike Safety Tips. 

Make sure that your bike is in good working condition and that your bike fits you properly.  You should be able to stand between the handlebars and the seat of your bike with both of your feet on the ground. When your seated on the bike your tiptoes should be able to touch the ground.

Inspect your bike before you ride, make sure that the brakes are working properly, that the tires are inflated, that the seat is secure and is the proper height for you.

In order to stay safe while you are biking remember these tips:

– Use arm signals when turning or changing lanes, and look over your shoulder for oncoming vehicles
– Obey all traffic lights, signs and signals.
– Always be aware of your surroundings, and ride with caution, you may be able to see a vehicle approaching but they might not see you.
– Ride on the right hand side of the road
– When you start a ride, look both ways for oncoming traffic, including scooters, skateboarders, and other cyclists.
– Be aware when passing parked cars – someone could open the door suddenly.
– When your riding in a group always ride single file.
– Wear high visible clothing, especially if riding at night.
– It is also helpful to have a light and a mirror on your bike.
– Make sure to always were a helmet.

Not so fun fact: 85% of all serious head injuries from bike falls could have been prevented by wearing a helmet. Helmets absorb the force of an impact because they have a special foam inside the helmet.  the foam in helmets can deteriorate so it is important to check the manufactures recommendations as to when to replace your helmet. When choosing a helmet, make sure it fits your head. A helmet can also help avoid accidents with other motorists because it makes you more visible.

In order to stay as safe as possible when you are riding your bike be sure to follow all of the same rules of the road as a vehicle.

Have fun, and stay safe out there!

Rosthern RCMP


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