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Scavenger Hunt

Special Thank You to Dakota Dunes CDC
for funding the Care Packages
delivered to all residents in the Town of Hague!
Everyone had so much fun with the scavenger hunt
and coloring books during these unfortunate times
with the COVID-19 pandemic.


The winner of the
Scavenger Hunt Draw is:
Doris Friesen


July 21st, 2020 – Garage Sales

July 21st
Garage Sales are now allowed.  Stay safe!!!

New Phone Numbers

May 13th, 2020

Rosthern Health Services Phone Numbers are Changing!  The telephone system at Rosthern Hospital, Community Health Services, and the Administration building, which includes Home Care, is being upgraded.  The following phone numbers will be changed effective May 14th, 2020.   The new phone number list can be accessed online at the Town of Rosthern website. Copies of the list can also picked up at : Rosthern Hospital, Rosthern Community Health Services, the Rosthern Administration building (Home Care), the Rosthern Medical Clinic, local businesses and pharmacies. 

Mental health and addiction
will have
a new intake number
effective May 19th: