Water Tokens can be purchased at the Hague Town Office for $8.35 each for 250 gallons per token.
(effective May 1st, 2019)


You may purchase a fob for a $50 fee and provide your email address to the account.  You can reload it for as much as you want with cash, cheque or debit.  No need to bring the fob into the office to do so.  You can leave a cheque in the night slot if the office is closed and the staff will apply the funds to your account once the office opens.  After every completed transaction at the water station, the system will automatically send you an email detailing the liters used and remaining balance.  The rate for water is the same as tokens.  If you have any questions, please contact the Hague Town Office at 306-225-2155 or email hague.info@sasktel.net.