Due to the Christmas holidays,
recycling will NOT be picked up on
Thursday, December 26th.
The next schedule pick-up
will be Thursday, January 2nd.

Merry Christmas &
Happy New Year to all!


Recycling is picked up and hauled by Valley Action Abilities. Recycling is picked up every Thursday.  Recycling bags are available, free of charge, at the Town Office or Hague Library. Recycling should be placed at the curb by 8:00a.m. for pickup. Recycling materials are: cardboard, paper, tin, and glass.  Pizza boxes and wet cardboard will not be accepted.   A flat recycling fee of $3.00 per household and business is billed on the monthly utility bills. Bylaw #: 2008-06.

Blue Recycling Bin located north of the Hague Post Office is available for Hague residents only.  This bin is for the collection of plastics only since the service is not offered by Valley Action Abilities.


Recycable Items: Not acceptable items:
Wrapping Paper No plastics of any sorts
Greeting Cards Aerosol cans – hairspray dream whip, etc.
File Folders Any dryer sheets: bounce, downy, fleecy, etc.
Clean Tin Cans Household batteries
Clean Glass Jars (not broken) Kitchen appliances – microwaves, tea pots, coffee makers, toasters and toaster ovens
Paper Clothing and material
Envelopes Kleenex, paper towel and toilet tissue
Newspaper Food Waste – Meat Trays, Microwave Dinner Trays, Chip Bags, Chocolate Bar Wrappers, etc.
Telephone Books Pie Plates, styrofoam plates and cups, plastic utensils, etc.
Magazines Styrofoam
Catalogues Wax paper and tin foil
Books Typewriters, Paper Shredders, Humidafiers, Air Conditioners
Shredded Paper (please keep in a bag) Broken Glass
Clean Cardboard Any soiled items like diapers and femine hygiene products
Clean plastic container – shampoo bottles, laundry detergent bottles, dish soap bottles, etc.
 Clean milk cartons and milk jugs Clean vinegar jugs, , clean windshield washer fluid jugs
Clean egg cartons
Cardboard that is wet, has oil spots, painted or muddy will not be accepted.



A message from Loraas Disposal regarding plastic film, see link…..Notice