Water Rates

1. Minimum Water Rate:

1000 gallons or less $27.80 per month
1000 gallons or more $27.80 per 1,000 gallons

2. Coin-operated water refilling station rate $31.00 per 1,000 gals

Sewer Rates

Residental: $27.50/month
 Schools: $82.50/month
 Car Washes: $82.50/month
 Restaurants: $82.50/month
 Special Care Home/Senior Complexes: $82.50/month
 All Others: $27.50/month

Water Rate Policy:   2016


Drinking Water Quality and Compliance:   2016

Utility Payments can be made online when you bank with the
Affinity Credit Union, Royal Bank, Scotiabank or Telepay.

Effective May 1st 2017 (see below)…