Mission Statement

The Town of Hague’s mission is to maintain and enhance the economy, cultural and social well being of our residents.

We accomplish this mission by providing services to the public which cannot feasibility be achieved individually such as transportation, protective, environmental, public health, welfare, economic development, recreational and cultural services for the benefit of the municipality as a whole.

Town Council

Town Council is comprised of the Mayor and six Councillors.  The citizens of Hague elect the Mayor and members of Council every four years, with the next election being in November 9th, 2020.  There are no wards in Hague, therefore each Council member represents the community as a whole.  Town Council Meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday of each month.


Patricia M. Wagner

Anthony Dueck
Darryl Fehr
Dane Friesen
Alice Funk

 Brent Peacock
John Thiessen


Mayor Patricia Wagner, Admin. Assistant — 2007 – Current, Mayor & 1987-2000 Councillor

Councillor Alice Funk, Retired — 2007 – Current

Councillor Dane Friesen, Self-Employed — 2016 – Current

Councillor Darryl Fehr, Technician — 2013 – Current

Councillor Brent Peacock, Accounts Manager — 2013 – Current

Councillor Anthony Dueck, Plumber — 2016-Current

Councillor John Thiessen, Bus Driver — 2013-Current



Town Staff

Town Staff

May 2015
(L-R):  Andy Peters, Jim Heinbigner, Charleen Gregorash, Deanna Braun & Bruce Peters


Office Hours:  Monday – Friday;
8:30am – Noon; 1:00pm – 4:30pm

Deanna Braun – Chief Administrative Officer

Charleen Gregorash – Administrative Assistant

Public Works Department

Jim Heinbigner – Retiring Foreman at the end of April 2019

Bruce Peters – Operator (Town Foreman effective April 1st, 2019)

Andy Peters – Operator (no longer with the Town effective Fall 2018)

Mitchell Derksen – Operator (not shown above)